Woodstock Town Juniors

We are super excited to be bringing junior football back to Woodstock after so long without it! We really want to get the children of the town engaging with the club, getting healthy, developing their skills and most importantly HAVING FUN!

We are fully inclusive of everyone who wants to be a part of our club and we want everyone to feel safe and welcome at Woodstock Town. We also believe that football is more than just kicking a ball. Football can help children develop in all areas of their life, build confidence and social skills, gain and retain knowledge, help build relationships and communities & provide a safe, productive outlet for their energy. For us, football is part of life, not just a Saturday morning activity!

We want to make sure that the children who play for Woodstock Town are just as valued as everyone else at the club, including the Mens 1st Team. Unlike some of our rivals, we are ONE CLUB from top to bottom. We want children to start playing with us as their first club and still be with us playing as adults.

We are currently looking for players (boys and girls) to form an Under 6's Team. This will be our first intake of players but we will be introducing more teams at other age groups in due course.