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Woodstock Town FC Commit to Providing Free Meals for Local Children

Following the quite frankly disgusting government decision not to extend free school meals outside of school term time, we cannot stand by and allow children in Woodstock to go to bed hungry.

We fully support Marcus Rashford in his campaign and as such, we will aim to provide those children in Woodstock who would normally be in receipt of free school meals with a healthy and nutritious alternative during half term next week should they require it.

We have raised money in our community fund that can be put towards meeting the cost of this project (although any further support would be greatly appreciated). Once again, our players and staff have agreed to give up their own time to help make and hand out the meals.

We will not judge you or ask questions. We just want to do our bit after the government has so badly let people down. If you need a meal for your child, please give us a call or a text on 07771926975. We don’t need to know names or your personal circumstances, just share the burden and help if we can.

The meals will be frozen or chilled in foil containers so that you can reheat them whenever you need them.

We are a small club but we care passionately about our community and the people in it.

Children eating should not be a matter for debate for any moral or responsible government. We feel obligated to take action in response to help to ensure that no child in our town has to live in food poverty.

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