Delivering Sustainable Football to Woodstock

As a football club, we realise the importance we hold within our community and the responsibility that goes along with that. Clubs such as ours often lead a hand to mouth existence and can lurch from one crisis to another, with many going to the wall and ceasing to exist. We are determined not to let that happen at Woodstock Town.

We are changing all aspects of the club to ensure that we are sustainable, resilient and future proof. This goes from the very top of the club to the very bottom and encompassing both on pitch and off pitch aspects of the clubs business.

Our priorities for the next 10 years are as follows:

  • ENGAGE - the local community are our key stakeholders. We need them as much as they need us. We want to see more local involvement particularly on the playing side of the club.

  • SOLVENCY - We intend to live within our means and make saving so that we have a contingency if needed

  • COMMERCIAL - Maximise the potential of Woodstock and the football club to raise money that can be fed directly back into football 

  • RECRUITMENT & RETENTION - We want the best players, staff, volunteers and committee members at our club. we will invest in them to ensure that they are happy and can develop

  • FACILITIES - We want to source the appropriate facilities for a club of our standing to be able to grow and give the town the level of football it deserves

  • YOUTH - Restoring age group football and forming life long relationships with local children and families

We are undertaking a number of key pieces of work to meet each of our objectives both behind the scenes as well as in the public arena. We have one overarching objective and that is to meet our priorities in partnership and with the support of the people of Woodstock. We exist because of the community and entirely for the community.

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